The Women’s Memorial

The Women In Military Service For America Memorial, at the Ceremonial Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery, is the only major national memorial honoring all women who have defended America throughout history. Their patriotism and bravery are a part of our nation’s heritage and are now recognized.
Visitors to the Women’s Memorial experience the collective history of women in the military along with the individual stories of registered servicewomen. The Women’s Memorial:

  • recognizes all women who have served in or with the United States Armed Forces—past, present and future;
  • documents the experiences of these women and tells their stories of service, sacrifice and achievement;
  • makes their contributions a visible part of our history;
  • illustrates their contribution equal to that of men in defense of our nation; and
    serves as inspiration for others.

The Women’s Memorial was dedicated on October 18, 1997, and is endorsed by the Departments of Defense, Transportation, Veterans Affairs and Interior.

There are members of the HGA who are members of The Women’s Memorial who represent all the women, past and present who proudly served.

“Let the generations know that the women in uniform also guaranteed their freedom.”
—Anne S. (Sosh) Brehm
1LT, USA NC, World War II

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