Flag Day Presentation featured on Fox News Channel

On Sunday, June 14th, the Saratoga National Cemetery Honor Guard Association was featured in a segment on the Fox News Channel show Fox & Friends. The local affiliate, Fox News 23 Albany, arrived at the cemetery for the live filming that ran at 09:50 and lasted approximately 3 minutes. The Honor Guard Flag Fold Team members included:

  • Kerry Lawson, (past Commander) interacted with the Fox & Friends co-anchors, and then recited an unofficial meaning of the 13 folds of the American Flag as the the flag was folded;
  • The two person flag fold team included Tuesday Squad Leader Frank Merrill and Acting Commander Don Boone;
  • Five members of the Color Guard stood silently in the background (Art Dutcher, Gary Squires, Barry Baker, Dennis Gaspie, and Ernie Dreimiller)
  • Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery Director Scott Lamb and Cemetery Program Support Assistant Chris O’Brien were in attendance and provided support as needed.

This was truly a team effort and the HGA is appreciative for the many responses to the event. A very special Thank You to Mary Carol Butterfield, Associate Producer, Fox & Friendsmary.butterfield@foxnews.com  and Alison Corazza, Fox & Friends, alison.corazza@foxnews.com


You can view the video HERE

Photos provided by Chris O’Brien

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