New protocols implemented between Patriot Guard Riders and the HGA

Effective today – Monday July 26, 2021 – in order to provide ceremonial continuity, the Patriot Guard will implement our newly adapted agreement. Along with newly instituted parking and exiting conditions, new terms are in effect for calling commands.

* see below attachment for communication being issued to all members of the Patriot Guard Riders
from Bill Schaaf ( New York State Captain and President of the NY Board of Directors ). *

Effective today – the PGR will follow HG commands – from the time the flag / veteran starts up the shelter entrance
sidewalk, to the end of the MFH.

Note: The PGR will still call “Present Arms ” when the funeral party vehicles enter the curb area. The HG will not ” Present Arms ” at this interval.

** It is imperative that ALL squads are calling the same commands, at the same intervals, during the MFH service. **

Key sequences:

Call ” Present Arms ” when veteran approaches and enters the shelter.

Call ” Present Arms ” before Taps ( not before rifle volley ).

Do not Present Arms for the flag presentation to the NOK.

The FDL will Present Arms again during the ceremony, but will NOT be accompanied by a command.

A review of this protocol, and brush up on other facets of the MFH, covered in the SOP HG3, is recommended.


Art Dutcher

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